Controlled Environments

The engineering control of environmental air quality in cleanrooms or working laboratory environments can be broken down into a combination of requirements ranging from personnel protection control, product protection control, environmental protection control or combinations of control.

Over the years, we have integrating our design/build concepts with the use of localized multi-disciplinary trade alignments to build out localized pre-engineered all modular ultra clean USP797-800 and NAPRA compliant working facilities to complete complex multi-functional turnkey cleanrooms for advanced technology providers, Pharmaceutical and cGMP cleanrooms or high level containment facilities. We offer the highest quality products needed for today's most critical environments. Our products have been placed into general industrial labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, medical devices, advanced technologies, electronic, food & beverage processing, health care, and college/university accounts.

As the industry leading Cleanroom provider in the Canadian controlled environments market, we can offer our clients one of the most comprehensive range of environmental clean air solutions available. Our technical support group specializes in insuring integrity by providing our clients the most effective versatile and affordable environmental solution for any given application. We can meet virtually any application requirement for environmental air control.

Our facilities range from standard or economy type pre-engineered Modular Softwall or Hardwall Cleanrooms, Turnkey Design/Build all Modular Cleanroom and Containment Room Facilities, Powder Dispensing facilities and enclosures, Barrier Isolation Technology, and  Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms. We also offer a range of Cleanroom components for bid specification projects ranging from Cleanroom T-Grid Systems, Cleanroom Light Systems and Ceiling Blanks, Fan Filter Modules in HEPA or ULPA designs, High Efficiency Medical Grade Air Filtration Room Purifiers, High Efficiency Air/Odor Filtration Room Purifiers, Temperature Controlled Rooms, Biological Robotic Enclosures, and custom design air plenums and controlled air handling systems.

All our products and services offer a legacy of quality and superior performance combined with traditional craftsmanship blends with the latest in modern manufacturing product technologies.

Planning of a cleanroom facility or renovating an existing laboratory can be very challenging in today's environment. Our experienced professionals combined resources can offer you a range of in-depth product knowledge, planning assistance and project construction management from the conceptual phase to final installation.

If you are budgeting, designing or building a facility which requires controlled environments, contact our office and we will provide qualification documents which provides details on the comprehensive product designs and value engineering capabilities we have available. To further assist you in this process, simply download and submit one of our completed facility design guide/ construction check list forms and we will arrange to provide one of our extensive descriptive proposals.


HEPAire Products Corporation is pleased to feature the following Controlled Environments Products:



Cleanroom Ceiling Grid Systems we can provide our ASI Series 2" aluminum Cleanroom Ceiling grid which features our quick fit ladder connection hardware which allows rapid site assembly of completed perimeter and cross tee ladder systems. Modulation can be set to the exact reflected ceiling requirements. All system designs are complete with turnbuckle leveling support hardware with adjustable main beam support placement via our notch lock support channel. Typical supporting center distances for our main tee grid are 48 inches by 100 inches which can be easily adjusted if field obstructions occur.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of our Ceiling Grid Systems, please contact us to arrange for product demonstration by your local technical representative.



Pharmaceutical Flush Ceiling Systems offer designs to provide our pharmaceutical clients with a flush walkable ceiling. Panels modulate in nominal 58" wide by 120" long by 2" thick aluminum honeycomb core dual steel faced panels with clean side finished in uPVC coating with top side in galvanized finish. Integration of lights, filters, and quick connection fittings for facility services are field cut complete with outlet framing options. All systems are  complete with turnbuckle leveling support hardware which attaches to our frame perimeter integral supporting blocks.   

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of our Pharma Flush Ceiling Systems, please contact us to arrange for product demonstration by your local technical representative.


  • Pharma Compliant All Modular Cleanrooms we can provide our clients pre-engineered all modular pharma compliant Cleanrooms for both hazardous and non-hazardous sterile and non-sterile designs in range of configurations and cooling capacities. All systems feature anteroom/gowning preperation room complete with wash sink, step over barrier, PPE storage, product pass-thru, pressure and room temperture/humidity localized controls including secondary industry compliant main cleanroom suites for pharma processing.

    If you are interested in learning more about our NAPRA compiant All Modular Cleanrooms, please contact us to arrange for product demonstration by your local technical representative.


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